Galvanized Steel Top

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Our test tables are manufacturered with all solid wood mortise and tenon joinery using CNC machining for precise fits and tight tolerances.  We use no metallic fasteners except to attach casters or leveling feet if added. We only use high grade exterior rated wood glue and commercial epoxies in the build process. Our legs on the hardwood tables are 3 pieces, joined and laminated which provides a very strong leg that resists twisting, bending, and warping over time compared to a one piece leg. We can customize the grounding connection to suit the needs for your chamber and provide the grounding straps, or have the hardware provided for your straps.

If you require a table with a EUT (equipment under test) weight of over 150kg (330lbs) please use our custom table builder and put required capacity in notes.

We build our tables to meet IEC, MIL, and CISPR specs. If you have a specific requirement please list it in the notes.


Please note: tables under 2000mm length will have 4 legs, over 2000mm will have 6 legs


Galvanized Steel is the most rigid top we have for very heavy EUT, we use 12ga thickness (0.104")