Manufacturing Overview

At our manufacturing facility, we utilize advanced technology and equipment to produce high-quality testing benches and accessories. One of the key processes we employ is CNC machining, which allows us to precisely cut and shape materials to meet exact specifications. We also use plasma cutting to efficiently cut through thicker materials and laser cutting for intricate designs and fine details. These technologies allow us to create precise, durable, and reliable ESD test benches that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our team of skilled technicians is trained in the latest manufacturing techniques and dedicated to producing products that exceed our customers' expectations.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • CNC 2D Jet Cutting for precise sheet processing
  • CNC Machining for squaring parts and for mortise and tenon joints
  • CNC Press Brake for precise bending of parts
  • Precision Metrology and Testing to ensure each part is correct to drawing
  • On-site Engineering to find a custom solution for the customer
  • 3D design and rendering for each bench